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    Experience Meets New Point of Views

    GSB, which adopts professional serving by analyzing the needs of clients as a principle, has been working hard since 2005 when was found in. By having a professional staff has been experienced in shipping and construction industry made GSB succeed in maintenance, repairment and setup for chemical facilities as well.

    GSB, which keeps being succeeded for representation and consultancy duties, has been located itself on privileged place because of the quality and reliability. Keeping forward by sticking in its vision and mission made and makes GSB’s name to be heard day by day.

    Our Story

    Initially, we embrace the ‘hexagon’. Because the hexagon is the sign of harmony and consistency ecumenically. It’s known as possible best torque in engineering at the same time. The hexagon is adamantine and solid as structural just because of its balance and regular shape. Does it sound similar from somewhere? Yes indeed, the very same way as our steel construction applications.
    Marine and shipping companies take up mostly for our existing and potential customer portfolio. Hence, when rotating the logo counter clockwise, it becomes boat and sail on it. And this symbolizes the services the potential customers take come from a company experienced and secured in its sector. For this exact reason the sail sign blinks to the sector.
    Why these colors?
    Because yellow-black is a combination that represents suitability and perfection for sector standards.
    Our logo has been come up by taking initial letters of four founders by splitting ‘S’ in two pieces.

    We Offer Solutions

    for all Industry Sectors.