Steel Construction

    Nowadays steel constructions are mostly preferred structures in terms of durability and efficiency of costs. GSB, which has been experienced in project design, manufacturing and montage of steel construction, provides services well both domestic and abroad thanks to fund of knowledge and know-how the years let.

    Project Design

    Project designs are based on computer science as of international standards thanks to expertise engineer and consultant crew.


    GSB manufactures faultless structures pursuant to quality policies for both indoor and outdoor manufacture fields thanks to variable machinery and equipment.

    Tank Production

    Slop, storage tanks, mixer and reactor productions, field, sphere tanks are manufactured pursuant to standards in shipping industry, construction and other industries within the scope of GSB.

    Field Tanks

    GSB provides services of manufacturing and montage of steel field tanks since many years and by years of experience of domestic and abroad applications.


    GSB provides services of steel montage in domestic and abroad construction areas thanks to expertise and talented crew.

    Shipping Industry

    Block product, block erection and repairing, equipping product and montage, aluminum boat manufacture, hatch cover production and montage services has been providing in perfect way by GSB according to requirements of shipping industry.

    Industrial Equipment

    GSB provides services of manufacturing and montage of pressurized containers, tanks, boilers and heat exchangers according to requirements of fields of energy, chemical and others.


    We run sales and marketing organizations of our business partners. We march together in the direction of persistent cooperation services and common goals.


    We, as GSB, provides services of manufacturing, business development, procurement, quality control, sales and after sales guarantee support in many kinds of different projects with our expertise crew.

    We only aim supporting our customers and providing added value for them by sharing our experiences in accordance with the demands of theirs.

    Custom Projects